"Improving Arizona's Children's Behavioral Health one family at a time."

MIKID Believes:
  • Parents know their children best
  • Most families are multi-stressed, not dysfunctional
  • The focus should be on the strengths not the faults
  • Planning Services should be a joint effort of family and professional
MIKID Offers:
  • Information Centers
  • Assistance - by phone, email, or in person
  • Support Groups, Education Meetings
  • Referal to Resources
  • Direct Support Services

Stories of Hope

My son is a consumer and I am the guardian of my grandson. 3 yrs ago I was at a loss, walking out of my grandsons therapy appointment after he ran away, I walked by MIKID and went in, stood in the lobby and cried. Not knowing anything about the agency and what they did I just saw “Mentally Ill Kids in Distress” and I just knew this is where I needed to be. This was a very difficult time in my life, MIKID helped me when no other agency would. MIKID has been a blessing in our lives. The respite program has been a life saver for my grandson. He has blossomed and matured because of the quality help we received through MIKID. MIKID has always been there for my family, they have helped to advocate for my grandson not just in court but also in the school setting. MIKID has given me the tools and knowledge to help me be successful and take pride in the role as an advocate for my family. Even though my grandson is a young father now he continues to use the services through MIKID for respite and skills to be successful. Because of MIKID he was be a great father and a successful adult. THANKS MIKID!

     Here’s a program that truly cares about its clients, their concerns, and most of all, their struggles. A program that assists in every way possible and at times goes above and beyond their way to help out. Filled with passionate staff members who are never too far when you need them, that’ll reach out at ANY time for their clients, there are no limits to their care (not to mention their time). My family and I will be forever grateful to a program that’s helped so much, and continues to pass out their support every day. When my family and I joined with MIKID, we weren’t quite sure what to expect, but knew we were in a position of needing some type of help. We have 4 kids, each requiring some type of extra care, and 1 whom spent the 1st 2 years of his life in and out of hospitals and nursing homes. Not to mention that my wife and I have our own share of medical and emotional needs ourselves. My wife and I had an incredible amount on our plates when we were introduced to MIKID, it was like a blessing in disguise! It was also a time when the economy was still taking a hit (especially at my job), so it was truly a struggle all the way around for our family. Thanks to Wendi, and our family support partner Joyce, whom have both at times, bent over backwards to help my family out in some of our more chaotic times, we’re truly the recipients of what this program stands for. Throughout our time with the program, they’ve helped with issues ranging from school, to custody, personal (such as health), and even private (some stressful times), to school supplies and Christmas gifts. Joyce is perhaps one of the most caring, loving, passionate people we’ve ever met. One who loves her job, loves to help, and is always there when we call (which sometimes may be too often. I must also mention that my wife, Johnna, enjoys the meetings that’s she’s able to attend and having the enjoyment of her voice not only meaning something, but being allowed (in a world where our voice sometimes feels meaningless or ignored). She’s so quick to report when returns home all the progress that’s being made and what’s she’s been able to address, which sometimes consumes most of my afternoon hearing them all (kidding), it’s great for her (& us) to have that welcomed feeling. There’s so much that MIKID offers it’s clients that I couldn’t begin to name them all, but I’ll simply say that without their help and resources, our struggles would’ve been much tougher to expend. We thank the MIKID program (it’s staff from top to bottom) so much for everything they’ve allowed us to accomplish, that they’ve done for us or to help us, they’ve encouraged us with, or simply reminded us about. I would like to encourage anyone who is in need and hasn’t been introduced to MIKID to find out how they can reap the benefits of such an outstanding program, and to share in all of those who feel the same way that we do. Thank you!!!