Charitable Tax Credit

Did you know that by donating to M.I.K.I.D. you’re eligible to receive
a dollar-for-dollar Arizona tax credit?

The State of Arizona offers an income tax credit to people who support qualifying charitable organizations. Formerly known as the Working Poor Tax Credit, this allows donors like you to receive a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit for making a financial contribution to MIKID. This tax credit is in addition to any public or private school tax credits you may be claiming.

How much can I claim?

Each year, taxpayers filing as “Single” or “Head of Household” may claim up to a $400 tax credit, while taxpayers filing as “Married Filing Joint” may claim up to $800 annually.

Is MIKID an Eligible Charity for the tax credit?

Yes, please go to here to download the list of all eligible charities in Arizona for the tax credit.

Check out some videos we found that explain the Arizona Tax Credit.

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Did you know you can make a donation up until April 15th and still get credit on the 2022 tax year?

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