Stories of Hope

"Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.” – Anonymous

"I am the guardian of my grandson. Three years ago I was at a loss walking out of my grandson's therapy appointment after he ran away. I walked by MIKID and went in and stood in the lobby and cried. Not knowing anything about the agency and what they did, I just saw “mentally ill kids in distress” and I just knew this is where i needed to be."

Millie J

"MIKID has always been there for our family. They have helped me advocate for my grandson, not just in court, but also in the school setting. MIKID has given me the tools and knowledge to help me be successful and take pride in my role as an advocate to my grandson. Even though my grandson is now a young father, he still continues to use the services through MIKID for respite and skills to be successful."

Juan V

"Here's a program that truly cares about its clients, their concerns, and, most of all, their struggles. a program that assists in every way possible and, at times, goes above and beyond to help out. Filled with passionate staff members who are never too far when you need them and that will reach out at any time for their clients, there are no limits to their care (not to mention their time). My family and I will be forever grateful to a program that's helped so much and continues to pass out their support every day. "

Rachel M

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