What are Living Skills?

What are Living Skills?

How does it work?

A provider works with the child in one-on-one sessions. Once the goals are established, the representative will work on activities and projects with the child that will help modify the negative behavior to reinforce the positive behavior, providing the child with tools. The activities are also catered to the child’s level of understanding and are age appropriate.


Many activities are fun and entertaining, which helps the child engage in the goals they are working on. In addition, many of the representatives spend much of their time finding creative ways to build rapport and engage the child.

Some of the activities include playing games. You may ask how playing can help your child? Well, playing involves many skills, such as patience. Patience can be difficult for some children because it may not always be simple to wait their turn or learn the rules. Also, it helps the child expand and improve social skills by learning to play with others. Another example in which playing can help the child understand that if they lose or win, the game’s object is to have fun and not get mad. 


The member is taught that anger and frustration are normal; however, they are taught how to show emotions healthily. With living skills, the child will learn to communicate effectively and learn to build healthy social-emotional skills. 


Trinai Santini, Direct Service Provider

Trinai is one of the Direct Service Providers at the Yuma location. This picture was taken at the local park where services occur aside from the agency location. The park  helps the child interact with other children in an outdoor environment. The children gain main skills such as listening and communication skills, learning to work with others and much more. Providers allow the children to work at different environments to give the children additional tools and interaction opportunities. 

Living Skills are one of the services provided at MIKIDFor additional information on MIKID locations, please visit https://www.mikid.org/locations/ 

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Writer: Edna Keefer, BASW, SUDCC