Youth Services

Direct care providers are able to provide rest and relief for families and youth in the Children’s Behavioral Health System. This service can be provided at home or in the community and allows the parents/caregivers to take time for themselves while the youth are able to participate in activities in a different, safe setting and practice community behavioral skills that will assist in successfully reaching their individual and family goals.

In the Children’s treatment plan:

  • Children are able to learn positive and appropriate peer interaction.
  • Rest and relief in support of their treatment plan goals.
  • Provide structured activities in safe settings.
  • Participation in community events and youth related leadership forums.
  • Teaching boundaries in one’s personal space.
  • Developing community interaction skills.
  • Building natural supports.
  • Teaching youth how to identify, manage and understand their individual challenges.
  • Reducing home stressors that support children in being successful at home and with their families.

Living Skills teach young people independent living, social, and communication skills to prepare them to live and participate in their family and community and function independently. Topics include self-care, budgeting, social support development, use of community resources, transitioning to adulthood and having a voice in the services they receive, healthy leisure and community activities, and effective communication.

The youth council group members are youth ages 13 to 17 years old. The group is open to MIKID enrollees statewide as well youth in the community. The youth meet on a regular basis to discuss the various topics, fundraising, and volunteering.

Topics include:

  • Team building activities focused on Action, Change, Empowerment, Respect, Support (ACERS)
  • Leadership skills building
  • Youth voice in the behavioral health system
  • Transition to Adulthood
    Community service out in the community
  • Positive Interaction with Peers
  • Self Esteem

Youth Specialists have to be at least 21 years old, and have personally experienced the Children’s Behavioral Health System and/or other youth-serving systems. They use their experiences to support youth on their journey by partnering to develop skills to adeptly navigate the system and become an independent, successful young adult.

Youth Summits:

The Youth Leadership Summit (YLS) is a collaboration of youth leaders offered once a year in various parts of Arizona. During these summits, youth come together to discuss and identify key elements of leadership, and how to become leaders in their own communities. This past year, the YLS was held in Sierra Vista, Casa Grande and Yuma, with a collective attendance of more than 75 youth leaders. The length of a summit is approximately 6 hours and is generally guided by a Youth Peer Support staff member of MIKID.

The topics of these summits include youth voice, building support, working as a team, professionalism, communication, self-care/wellness, and action planning. These topics are explored by encouraging youth to participate in discussion, role-playing, and other interactive activities to provide a dynamic learning experience. These summits provide youth the opportunity to share changes they wish to see in their own community and how to implement these changes through developing an action plan. Following each summit, youth leaders evaluate the material covered and instructor performance to further improve the quality of the next summit.

COMING SOON – Youth Council Retreat:The Youth Council Retreat is a yearly conference where all the youth councils throughout Arizona meet, network, and share resources. The conference will have guest speakers in various fields to help enhance and motivate our upcoming youth leaders.

Pre-job training:
Pre-job training provides assistance in the use of educational resources, training preparation, personal “soft skills” that assist in getting and keeping employment, resume writing, and career and educational counseling as a means to prepare one for entry into the workplace.

Wellness Program:
The Wellness Coach will provide education and training to families and youth using standardized curriculum with the purpose of increasing an individual’s behavioral knowledge of health-related topics, such as the nature of an illness, parenting skills, education, and healthy lifestyles.

Wellness Extravaganza:
Wellness Extravaganza is an all day event that includes wellness games and activities for families and youth. These activities promote healthy living, and equip youth and families with the tools and knowledge to live a healthy life. Extravaganza days are provided throughout Arizona.

MIKID Gladiator/Olympic event:
The MIKID Olympics is a competition for youth experiencing behavioral health challenges held throughout Arizona that includes both individual and team games. These games will first be held within each region, followed by a final competition held in central phoenix that all competitors can attend. This final competition will provide a unique opportunity for MIKID youth from around Arizona to meet one another, and engage in friendly competitive games. Games include obstacle courses, relay races, kickball and more.