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Family Support

Family Support Partners/Parent Partners deliver peer-to-peer support to families.

M.I.K.I.D. Family Support Partners (FSPs) assist families with reaching their goals. Support is offered in many areas. The goal is to walk alongside a family until they can walk alone. Family Support Partners encourage, acknowledge, educate, and support parents on their journey in the community, school system, court, behavioral health, and health systems. M.I.K.I.D. meets parents where they are and helps them get to where they want to be.

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Below are examples of M.I.K.I.D.’s Family Support

  • In-home and community Family Support. Is offered to parents at times that are convenient for them. 

  • Preparation for an Individual Education Plan/504 meeting. Help with requesting school meetings, educating and preparing parents for meetings, and attending school meetings. 

  • Preparation for Child and Family Team meeting. Helping parents understand the 12 principles, preparing an agenda, and attending meetings. 

  • Supporting parents during court/legal proceedings. Although no legal advice is offered, M.I.K.I.D. can guide a parent through the legal system by utilizing Legal Aid, the court library, or assisting with attorney contacts. In addition, FSPs can attend dependency, juvenile justice, and criminal court hearings to offer support. Support is offered to assist with the reunification process through our Parent Support Now, PSN, program. 

  • Parenting classes. Family Support Partners are certified to teach “Active Parenting” classes which are recognized by the Department of Child Safety as an approved class. 

  • Support for caregivers. M.I.K.I.D. partners with bio-parents, grandparents, and foster parents to provide what is needed to assist the child in being successful. 

  • Parent Support Groups. These groups support caregivers and are open to the public. 

  • Community support. FSPs teach parents how to utilize community resources like housing, food boxes, utility assistance, clothing, local transportation systems, and youth activities. 

  • Living skills.  FSPs help members with learning household skills, budgeting, home organization, and how to reduce stress.

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