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The M.I.K.I.D. Health and Wellness program (MIfitKID) is designed with a youth-centered approach. The program connects, educates, and improves overall wellness through informing, guiding, and monitoring youth in their individual development. MIfitKID is designed to work directly with families and members. The program teaches families/guardians the importance of health and wellness and provides different ways to incorporate it into their lifestyles to reduce the possibility of many health diagnoses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and others. The MIfitKID program is a therapeutic recreational program designed as a safe place to encourage youth with behavioral or mental health issues to establish skills for being on a team and instill healthy habits.

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According to recent studies, youth who play sports have fewer mental health difficulties, including behavioral problems, and are less likely to do drugs or have a bad body image than those who didn’t play sports. People with mental health conditions are at higher risk of developing a physical illness and having those conditions diagnosed later. Conversely, people with a diagnosis of physical illness have a greater chance of developing a mental health problem. When both mental and physical illness conditions are present together, there are higher overall rates of morbidity, healthcare utilization, and poorer quality of life. MIfitKID allows our youth to learn about life skill development, positive youth development, and experience being part of a team. By educating the youth on a holistic approach to well-being, they will be able to identify the links between their mental and physical health as well as decrease many chronic diseases, improve quality of life, and ignite generational change for healthy habits.​

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