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PIFBS and MIKID Bullhead Location Team Up

In May 2022, Pitch in for Baseball and Softball (PIFBS) generously donated $3,3863.50 in baseball and softball equipment to MIKID’s Bullhead City Location. This equipment included jerseys, bats, ball buckets, gloves, baseballs, softballs, and more. MIKID is pleased to provide this report on Pitch in for Baseball and Softball’s gift.

MIKID is currently serving 143 youth through its Bullhead City location. These youth are working through challenges including autism, anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder, abuse, neglect, post-traumatic stress disorder, and more. Many of these youth are unable to participate in traditional after school activities such as school sports nor attend local recreation centers because of their behavior.

MIKID’s baseball and softball program is a new effort. The program is designed to help youth build physical abilities, improve their behavior, develop a strong work ethic, and help them learn valuable skills in communication, accountability, and teamwork.

Since receiving the donation from PIFBS, MIKID’s Bullhead City site has been putting the finishing touches on the program. MIKID’s CEO Jeff Kazmierczak graciously donated the funds to screen print the jerseys provided to the team. So far, thirteen of MIKID’s youth members have participated in the program.

MIKID’s staff was able to negotiate with the City of Bullhead City’s Recreation Department to secure a practice field. Since that time, the team has had one game that occurred at a MIKID sponsored event. Two practices have occurred during which the participants learned batting safety and mechanics. Below are two pictures from a batting practice. MIKID is hosting a fielding practice at the end of August.

One problem has been Bullhead City’s extreme summer weather and the safety concerns associated with this. Three planned practices had to be canceled due to either extreme heat warnings or monsoon storms that created lightning risks. Bullhead City’s beautiful fall, winter, and spring will make for great practices. Another issue was MIKID’s turnover which created problems for youth who require transportation. While positions are waiting to be filled, many youth had to find transportation to events. With the population MIKID serves and the rural nature of its service area, this has impacted participation.

In September 2022, staffing numbers for MIKID’s site are expected to be at near full capacity. This will allow for additional transportation options. Additionally, MIKID will be arranging practices around early out and flex days for the local schools. This should increase participation considerably. The end of the monsoon season will also help reduce cancellations due to inclement weather, although excessive heat warnings may still be a possibility through September.

As practices begin to increase with better weather, MIKID is excited to share updates and pictures with Pitch in for Baseball and Softball. After the staff feel comfortable with the program in Bullhead City, MIKID’s goal will be to expand the program to other sites in order to reach more youth with behavioral health challenges. Thank you for Pitch in for Baseball and Softball’s incredible generosity and support. This gift is helping youth become healthy, improve their behavior, and learn life-long skills. If you would like to discuss the program further, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Patrick Winters Vice President of Marketing/Development


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